The Election Commission has initiated the revision of electoral rolls in Jammu and Kashmir following the delimitation exercise and the draft rolls will be prepared by August 31, reports said.  Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar and Election Commissioner Anup Chandra Pandey carried out a review and directed the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Electoral Officer to map the redrawn assembly constituencies.  The electoral roll revision needs to be carried out before the first assembly election in the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.  “The intensive and time-bound pre-revision activities are required due to the redrawing of assembly constituencies”, officials said.Directions have also been given for the appointment of officials for work on updating voter list.  Re-serialisation, mapping and renaming of polling stations post the delimitation will be done by June 30, in addition to the identification of polling stations for those villages for which new booths need to be created.  After the delimitation, some of the earlier polling stations may come under more than one new constituency or may be completely shifted to another constituency.  The polling stations will be mapped accordingly. The appointment of booth level officers and their proper training will be done by July 5. Verification and rationalisation of polling booths will be done by July 25.Finally, the draft rolls need to be prepared by August 31, sources said.