India has sent four C-17 planeloads of relief material, equipment and personnel, weighing over 108 tons to earthquake hit Turkiye as humanitarian assistance. Sources said these include self-contained search and rescue units of NDRF numbering over 100 personnel, with their equipment, vehicles and dog squads. These units have specialized equipment for detection, location, access and extrication. They are able to conduct collapsed structure search and rescue (CSSR) operations.

The equipment includes hand and power tools, lighting equipment, air-lifting bags, chainsaw, and angle cutters. The dog squads help locate victims in rubble and collapsed structures. The assistance also includes equipment and 99 personnel to set up a 30-bed medical facility in field operation conditions. The Personnel comprise of medical specialists in various fields. The medical equipment includes x-ray machines, ventilators, operation theater, vehicles, ambulances, and generators.

India has also sent humanitarian assistance to Syria aboard a C130J. According to sources, the assistance includes six tons of relief material comprising three truckloads of general and protective gear, emergency use medicines, syringes and equipment.